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      Mahir Mahmutovic

      Hello there.
      First of all i want to thank you for all of your effort, theme looks awsome and its nice to see it regularly updated.

      Anyhow I’d love to see some of the issues fixed…

      -Torofilm Years widget is missing since 2.3.9 update.
      (i’ve fixed it temporarily by adding dropdown menu)

      Performance issues:

      -My website lost some ranking since “background” in movies and tv shows was added.
      Page loads backdrop from TheMovieDb wich is most of the times oversized.
      using local backdrop (wich gets downloaded) would be ok even though its low res since the background is a bit blured.

      -Trailer in Movies and TV shows needs some reworking.
      Video continues playing after i close it (press x)
      Player scripts (youtube base JS and others) loads wit the site wich slows down the page alot. (is there any simple way i can disable trailer on entire site while im waiting for the fix? )

      New stuff that would be cool:
      -IMDB rating next to TMDB

      thx for your time

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      Mahir Mahmutovic

      alt atribute for image in movies and series
      report broken link in movies and series
      redesign next / previus episode to fit better on phone screen

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      vidson steve

      También que la primera opción de los reproductores no cargue el iframe. así como las demás opciones no lo hacen.

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        Mahir Mahmutovic

        I’ve seen other themes fixing player-iframe issues by adding fake player and forwarding you to, this way the post with the movie/tv show gets 99+ pagespeed score for both mobile and desktop version since it has only the movie info and poster/background. In the other hand =watching.php has noindex tag and contains trailer and movie player

        There is a big list of small improvements.
        but mainly the ones that boost websites performance should be priority.(background image size and trailer, they really slow down the website and prevents better ranking) adding option to disable background and trailet would be a good temporary fix.

        -front page loads high resolution pictures-posters (683×1024) for mobile version of the page that slows down performance

        -when an episode of a tv show is selected seasons get mixed up in dropdown menu (1, 10, 11, 2, 3). this problem is partially fixed (in series_template. php) , but still needs fix in episodest_template.php

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      Mahir Mahmutovic

      more qq

      -Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) for mobile version of movies and tv shows went from 0.09 to 0.50 and from 0.02 to 0.19 for desktop in past few revisions

      -Recomended tv-sows cant be disabled in episodes

      -With new tr-grabber downloaded images got name with random signs (before it was movie name poster/movie name backdrop)

      I just hope dev’s are reading this…

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      Alexandru Ioan

      I might add this here since it’s related. There should be an option to disable live search(the progress bar with search results that shows below the search bar before you press enter).
      It’s inconvenient since it makes you wait much longer for a search and it doesn’t load your search page until it finishes loading that javascript. If you have a big database or someone searches a common word like “dark” for the first time he waits a few seconds extra. If the person has a weak pc/internet it makes him wait even longer.
      It’s a nice feature, but doesn’t have much functionality overall.

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