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Piccola Passione asked 3 weeks ago

Good evening
I just bought the Eroz theme but I have a problem.
To add a video I insert iframe but to add the trailer? what should I insert in the “Video Trailer” box
thanks a lot

1 Answers
Alex Staff answered 3 weeks ago

Hello my friend, first at all thank you for your purchase… and a bout the trailer preview in the ;hover in thumbs in the “trailer – custom field” put the URL of your video .mp4, thats it… you can use tubeace or wp-script also if you want.

Piccola Passione replied 3 weeks ago

thank you so much

roberto tavarozzi replied 3 days ago

Hola que tal?
Me podrias indicar en castellano como hacer eso de poner el trailer al apoyar el click del mouse sobre la imagen?