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megafilmesofficial asked 1 week ago

Hello! I’m trying to make a Night Mode Theme. I’m having issues with the episodes lists. I’ve already looked into every single .php file, and I can’t change the episodes titles to white color. Can you help me?

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Alex Staff answered 1 week ago

Your problem is CSS you can use firebug (firefox F12) and click in the element:

.ListPOpt>li>a.Fav.On, .ListSocial>li>a.Up, .SearchMovies label, .TPTblCn th, .TPost .Top, .TPost.C .Description p[class], .TPost.C .TPMvCn .Title, .Wdgt>.Title, a, section>.Top>h1, section>.Top>.Title

megafilmesofficial replied 1 week ago

Hi. I’ve changed all the parameters that you’ve sent, and still my problem persists. All the episodes titles sucessfully changed to white color, but the Seasons label didn’t.

Alex Staff replied 1 week ago

Is a CSS problem i tell you, please check your code i cant help you if you dont put your website.