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Piccola Passione asked 7 months ago

Good morning
how can I create a homepage like in your demo? with the columns, the text for the seo, the advertising? etc
Thanks a lot for the answer

4 Answers
Alex Staff answered 7 months ago

Hello my friend… well all what do you want is the “default options”… you have all most options in the “customizer”

Eroz>home>text for seo

Is very easy 😉

Piccola Passione answered 7 months ago

Yes ..I followed the settings but the result does not change. The elements are always positioned in a row and not in a column. If I have the right or left sidebar, nothing changes.
I write the link to the site

Piccola Passione replied 7 months ago

Tes the problem is the sidebar. In any position (right or left) does not change

Alex Staff answered 7 months ago

all works fine… if you want i can take a look but i need access to your dashboar to see and fix your problem… send me the login to
alex@torothemes.com and i check it 😉 or here but put the option “private” and only you and i can see the message.

Alex Staff answered 7 months ago

My friend.. all works perfectly… maybe you change something in the code i dont know we can help you with modifications, support is for problems, i put the “original” eroz theme… not the child-theme and i see everything good, if you need more help just tell me 😉