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Create domain in your CPANEL

In order to create your domain in your cpanel, you must access the client area of your hosting provider and look for the access to your cpanel.

Normally it will come in the lateral menus, if you do not find the access to your cpanel we recommend you to consult your hosting provider by means of a ticket, chat, mail, by which way you access to the cpanel.

This process will not be the same in all cpanels, this process is based on our legal wordpress hosting provider: BanaHosting.

If your site will be Warez, Movies, Anime, or any other kind of illegal resources, we recommend an Offshore Hosting.

Once inside your cpanel, you will have to look for the section: DOMAINS

and you will have several options (depending on your hosting provider) for example:

Domains: It is to add a first domain to your cpanel.
Addon Domains: It is to add extra domains, second, third or those that your Hosting plan allows you.
Subdomain: It allows you to add a sub.domain to your hosting for example if your site will be a movie blog.
It could look like this:

It all depends on your imagination

For a special and dedicated documentation for adding domains through cpanel and updated to the date you visit this page go directly to the documentation for adding cpanel domains:

Don’t worry, the documentation directly with them is always up to date.