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SEO Customization

To customize the SEO of your movies and series, you need to know the 3 main shortcodes.

1.- {name} Which represents the name of the series or movie.

2.- {season} Represents the number of the season to which the chapter of the series belongs.

3.- {episode} Is the name you select as the episode title.

4.- x
This X is not a short code, however it is the most common chapter and season divisor known in the world of series.

Even sites like Cuevana or similar use this system.

In TR Grabber version 1.7 these customization instructions are already included in the panel for editing.

You just have to go to your WordPress Admin Desk (WP-ADMIN)

–> We enter the section of our desktop, created by the TR Grabber addon
–> In your TR-Grabber panel you have 3 options

Basic, Advanced, SEO.

The first option we saw in the introduction “Basic” where we can see how to obtain the API for the import of information of our apps.
The advanced option, is to limit the resources of the add-on if necessary or depending on the measure, increase them.
–> We will go to the third option, SEO.
In this option we will be able to see the customization panel.

This setting will adjust only the text that appears in the browser tab, the name of the page, don’t forget this will not customize the link.

Once you make the changes you must go to edit the permalinks.

You can customize these changes with special keywords, so that you can optimize your titles to appear in more searches.