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Get Free API and introduction

TR Grabber Plugin is in charge of importing movies and series into the toroplay template. Thanks to it you will be able to import all the data, year, directors, actors, trailers, covers, chapters, seasons, among other things, of the films and series you choose.

These are the basic options you need to know to use the plugin correctly.

  • API Key: Key that you need to import movie and series data, you have to be registered in themoviedb (https://www.themoviedb.org/) and request the api in options.
  • Language API: Language in which you want to import movie and series data.
  • Post Status: If you want the import to be published automatically or saved in draft.
  • Upload Images: If you want to import the covers of the movies.
  • Add special seasons? Series: If you want me to add the special chapters of the series.

¿How to install? <– Click here.