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First of all, as always I want to thank you for buying ToroVID, this new design for your movie site on WordPress is designed with the future in mind.

We are focusing not only on: Appearance, high loading speed and affordable price.

But we are also doing this to make the development of your site easier, we are looking to add more features included in the theme, to ease the heavy work of making a movie website.

ToroVID has new features never seen before on ToroThemes.com

This is an excellent template for the most popular and easy to manage CMS for a movie website.

In this documentation you will learn how to install, configure and customize the “ToroVID” design.

This specialized template for the website builder platform, WordPress.

The language of this template is in English like this documentation and its settings within the WordPress site, so we recommend using the Google Chrome browser to be able to use
“Translate site” to be able to use this manual.

If you do not understand any part of the documentation because it is not very easy to understand, please write to the support forum.