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Installing the theme

In order to install this theme you don’t need to complicate your life

First step:
Go to “Themes”.
Second step
Add new
Third step
Choose the theme on your computer
Fourth step
Upload the theme
Fifth step
and add a new one
Sixth step
Upload the topic CHILD
Seventh step
Activate child theme.

Repeat the process but this time with the child theme.

and this time, activate it.

You will only need 3 files

1.- TR-Grabber Plugin
2.- Torovid Theme
3.- Torovid Child Theme.

After everything has been installed,
You will need to activate the Toro Grabber add-on
and the Torovid child theme.

Why the child theme? In this theme you will be able to make the updates you want, always.

When ToroThemes.com releases a new update, it will be on the main theme, not the child theme.

So, the new features will be added but your design changes will remain the same.

In order to install the theme and plugin, you must download it from your ToroThemes.com account.

Once downloaded, you will need to go to your wordpress website

Upload the file in .ZIP format

and make sure to activate the CHILD theme not the main theme.

Do you have doubts about how to download the theme?
Do you have doubts about which theme to download?
Do you have doubts about where to install or how to install the theme?

Click here.