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Getting started – How to look like the demo?

The first thing many people want when buying a theme, is that their site immediately looks like the demo.

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Why don’t we offer a demo import system?

This demo import system always leaves residues of:
tags, categories, links or something spread all over the site.

We like to deliver something of quality, so we will not give you a demo that you will import:

Duplicate content, preset users (vulnerabilities) or demo entries (duplicate content).

We want you to have a quality site,
We will not give you a demo to import, but we will teach you how to make your website like the demo.

So all your content will be of quality.

To get started, you need to have everything installed

As you will see in the tutorial “Install theme“.

You must have 3 resources for everything to work

The parent theme
The child theme
and the plugin that manages the whole system.

Once you have them all installed and the CHILD theme active, we can proceed to add content.

I have installed everything

What do I do now?

In order to start customizing your site, you must add some content first, this is important so you can see the changes being made to your site.

You need to add about 20 movies and 20 series to see the changes perfectly.

But adding 20 movies is enough

If you are in test mode, it is not necessary to add player and download links to your movies.

You could add them just to see how the changes look like.

To add the movies you will need to use Tr-Grabber.

You can add them from the “Add Movies” option in the administration panel.

I have already added enough content to display the changes correctly.

Now what should I do?

Now that you have content,
We must go to configure the home page, so that your site starts to take shape.

To configure the home page we will go to:

In order to get a basic idea of the optimal configuration you can take a look at the demo site.

Adding a movie is easy, adding a series is also easy, even if it seems a bit more difficult.

To be able to add series and chapters you must add them in order, first add the series, its general description and then you can add the chapters with their independent information.

You can see how to add series through the following link:

With this, and the basic configurations, you are ready to set up your site just like the demo with customized content.

Do you have any other questions, is there anything else you want to do?