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Add Series and Chapters

To be able to add series and chapters we must first add the series and through the linked api, the following will be added
Seasons and chapters

To these once added through the api, everything will be done in a simpler way, you only have to go to place your download links and playback.

Keep in mind that it will matter in the language chosen to work with the API, this may change some titles or descriptions.

In order to add a series you must go to your WordPress administration panel and look for the SERIES panel.

When you open this panel,
The first thing we will add, will be the series.

To add a series, we must choose the button “Add series”.
From the navigation menu of the opened page

Inside, it will be like adding a movie, it will ask you for the ID of the movie database.

Put the ID, press the import button (green symbol)

Wait a few seconds for your site to import the information.

And that’s it, you can see how the first step of your series has been done.

Trailer, Description, cast, profile photo, cover photo and details in automatic.

Add chapters

When a series has been added you will see that there are not many new episodes, but a button appears to add seasons.

This one is to add via the API, in AUTOMATIC.

All you have to do is click on the add seasons button and your site will start working.

Immediately it will appear a window of the process running, saying how many seasons have been imported and how many there are.

Once it finishes, the window will close and you will see that the button has changed and now there are 3.

View seasons, to manage edit and update each one manually, Add chapters and Update seasons using the API.

Now we will go to add episodes by means of the API button that will bring the episodes automatically.

But you must import, season by season.

This process is thought this way, so you can add 1 season and then you can add players and download links in order and without getting confused.

Also it will require less resources for your web storage, so you won’t have errors during the process.

As you can see, the imported seasons and episodes are immediately available, you just need to add the download or playback links from your favorite servers.