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Add Movies

Adding movies to your WordPress site now with any of the themes from ToroThemes.com is very easy.

Just go to the movie information database:

In this database you can find a lot of data about ALMOST all existing movies.

If a movie is not found (a rare, unique and isolated case) you will have to enter the information manually.

But at ToroThemes.com we care about making this work less burdensome for you.

An example of the process with our ToroFlix theme.

In order to add a new movie you must go to your administration panel, then to the “Movies” section and inside you will see a menu with the following options:

  • All
  • Add Movie
  • Directors
  • Cast
  • Countries
  • Links
  • Categories
    In this menu you must choose “Add Movie”.

Immediately the “Add new item” page loads, you should go to the movie information database and find the ID of the movie you want and paste it in the TMDB ID box.

If the ID is correct, it will import from the movie database to your “New item” all the information of the movie.

From: Title, Description, Category, Original Name, Rating, Duration, Trailer, Year of the movie, Directors or director, Cast.

And going from a 10/15 minute job to a 10 second job is our passion at ToroThemes.com.

To make it easier for you to have a more successful movie site.

Now what’s next? You must add the download or watch online links of your movie, you must have already uploaded them to the offshore storage of your choice.