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ToroPlay is a web design for the WordPress platform specially made for movie and series websites with systems to add movies, series and chapters in alphabetical order

Include benefits of adding

  • Actors
  • Directors
  • Year of the movie or series
  • Movie or series genre
  • Quality
  • Language
  • Playback or download server

These are some many benefits of this website already included in the site without the need to install additional Plugins helping to make your site much lighter and can have high traffic volumes for your movies, series or chapters same.

You also have the latest movies added, the latest series added and the latest episodes of series added to the home page of your website.

We, ToroThemes are a company interested in the welfare and benefit of our customers

Therefore, we always think about the speed and adaptation of your website in all your visitors and their devices, so the website is responsive, adapts to any device that enters the site as well as ads (advertising)

Without further ado, I invite you to know how the site works so that you can start enjoying creating your website as

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