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Add Series

Adding series in Toroflix is very simple. First you have to have installed and configured the TR Grabber plugin that comes with the theme (See TR Grabber Plugin), then you just have to go to the themoviedb website (https://www.themoviedb.org/tv) and find the series you prefer, open it and copy the code that is after tv/, and consists only of numbers. https://www.themoviedb.org/tv/60625-rick-and-morty When you copy the number, you only have to go to the wordpress panel, select Series and click Add Series, and paste the code into the tmdb id, and it will automatically start importing all the data and images (if you configured it in the plugin) of the movie you chose. Once added the series will appear a blue button (update seasons (API)) which you should press to update the seasons of the series. Then you will see a green button (update episodes (API)) that will update the episodes of each season that has the series. All that’s left is to place the link to the online series (View Player) or the download (View Download).