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Language and Flag

To create a new language for your films and series with their respective flags, simply go to Movies or Series > Links > Languages. On your right you will see the languages you have already created and on your left the language you want to add. For this you will have to fill in the following fields.
  • Name: Name of the language.
  • Slug: Name of the language in lowercase.
  • Parent: Do not touch.
  • Description: Description that you want to put to the language.
  • Icon: add the icon you want to use as the language flag.
Here we will leave you a link where you can download the flags you need (Download Flags) Then just click Add or Add, and your new language will appear on the right side along with the others you’ve created. In order for the flag to be displayed on the covers, you must first add your player with your movie or series (Watch Movie Player, Series Player).