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From here you can modify all the functions of your header, and customize it as you wish. Enabled Menu Top
  • Check to activate menu top: Activate the special menu above your header
Enabled social header
  • Check to activate social links on header: Activate your social networks on top of your header.
Facebook: Place your Facebook page. Twitter: Place your Twitter profile. Instagram: Place your Instagram profile YouTube: Place your YouTube channel Header Design
  • Default: Default layout.
  • Type 1: First design of the bar with the upper part white, and the lower part black.
  • Type 2: Mostly dark header with light top.
  • Type 3: Header totally centered.
  SEARCHFORM Disabled search form
  • Check to deactivate searchform: Disable the search bar.
Placeholder: Word you want to show in the search bar. Enabled button search
  • Check to activate button search: Activate the search button
Text Button: Text you want the button to display.