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From here you will manage the general configuration of your website, among them: Web design
  • Full: Your website will be displayed in full size, covering 100% of the screen.
  • Box: It will show your web centered with borders.
Enable Sidebar Fixed
  • Check to activate fixed sidebar: Lower the sidebar as you download.
Enabled Widgets Collapsed (On Mobile)
  • Check to activate Collapsed Widgets: Enable the click function on the arrow to display the wirdgets
Enabled Menu Button Fixed (On Mobile)
  • Check to activate Menu Button Fixed: Always shows the menu button at the bottom of the web.
  • Text – Read More: Custom text for, read more.
Format Text
  • Normal: Places the text in a normal way.
  • Strong: Displays the thick text.
Number Words – Read more: Number of words needed to display the text, read more.