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Getting started – How to look like the demo?

The first thing many people want when buying a theme, is that their site immediately looks like the demo.

Why don’t we offer a demo import system?

This demo import system always leaves residues of:
tags, categories, links or something spread all over the site.

We like to deliver something of quality, so we will not give you a demo that you will import:

Duplicate content, preset users (vulnerabilities) or demo entries (duplicate content).

We want you to have a quality site,
We will not give you a demo to import, but we will teach you how to make your website like the demo.

So all your content will be of quality.

To get started, you need to have everything installed

Installing the theme

The theme installation process is as follows

Download main theme, child theme, install both but activate the child theme.

Add content to view changes

As in previous themes you must be able to add content first to be able to view the changes made.

First we must add a total of 10 entries and 3 menus to get started.

In 1 menu try placing only links like

Legal Notice – About us – Contact us

In another menu

Place, Home – Category 1 – Category 2, 3, 4

Third menu place

Home – who we are – link

This is only an example of menus that you can create, they are only ideas, you can create the menus as you wish, but to see the differences of the changes you must place 3 menus.

For more information on the menu process you can go to The Toro’s menu documentation page.

Customize header

To change the top of the site and see the changes reflected correctly, we must first add our logo.

Let’s customize

Site identity

Upload image

Select image

Do not cut or skip cut

go back to the main menu
Go to The Toro configuration,

Inside we look for the “Header” option

Select the desired “Type” of header and save the changes made.

And that’s it, header changed

Featured Post’s

To add the featured posts to the top of the site, you must enable them through CUSTOMIZE

The Toro Configurations


and it is the first option, activate it, save the changes and that’s it.

You can even choose how these featured entries will be chosen.

and as a final result, it looks GREAT!