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From here you will be able to modify the colors that you will use in your web.
  • Body Background (Only visible in boxed style): Here you can change the background color of your website, but only if it is in boxed mode.
  • Content Background: This option is to change the background of your entire website.
  • Main Color: This will be the color with which you want to highlight your website, and the icons on it.
  • Text Color: Text color of your publications.
  • Links Color: Text color with links on them.
  • Links Color Hover: Color that will be shown when passing the cursor over the links.
  • Border Color: Color to be displayed on the edges of your website
  • Dark Zone – Background: Background color to be displayed in dark mode.
  • Dark Zone – Text Color: Text color in dark mode.
  • Dark Zone – Link Color: Color of urls in dark mode.