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The Toro πŸ”₯

The Toro is a highly optimized theme to rank on Google and generate profits with Google’s monetization system: Adsense.

The Toro guarantees to increase your earnings by increasing the loading speed of your site with excellent speed thanks to the optimization in The Toro.

The Toro also provides options such as Cluster Browsing and system to configure your ads on computer and mobile separately, to show better optimized ads depending on where you want to place them.

The best thing is that all the features and benefits of The Toro as its full customization is already integrated and you won’t need more add-ons for everything you need for your Google Adsense blog.

The Toro can be customized from colors and top menu.
Not to mention the variety of TYPES of Headers and Footers.

Because you can change it for one or the other.

The Toro is the best investment you could make for Google adsense.

In this documentation you will learn how to use it.
If you have additional questions or doubts that you don’t find in this documentation, please go to: