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¿How to view the documentation? ✅

In order to explain this point clearly I will show you the following image.

This is a screenshot of the documentation (in process March 1, 2021) of ToroVID the new theme for movies and series with more features.

In this screenshot you can see a side menu on the left side and a link list that shows all the links inside the current documentation.

This list, which is highlighted in red, shows the documentation in order as it was added.

And if for example, the documentation has 10 steps and we forget to add step 2, and we add it at the end, you will see the documentation in disorder.

Therefore, we recommend you to view the documentation using the side menu on the left.

In this way, you will not see the documentation in disorder, and you will see it organized by topics and SUBtopics.

This will help to have a better user experience to learn how to use the topics.